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Master of Arts in English

The Master of Arts in English at TCNJ offers students an advanced program of study with specialization in literatures in English. The program stresses contemporary literary theories as well as sound practices in research and writing. Classes are taught in the evenings, allowing people who work full-time to take any of our offerings. (Note: summer courses are offered in both day and evening hours.) There is a six-year cap on this graduate program track, allowing students to attend part-time. However, with full-time attendance, it is possible to complete the degree in less than two years.

To earn a Masters in English degree, each student is required to take 30 credit hours. Every graduate course offered at TCNJ is 3 credit hours.

There are two required courses in this program:

  • ENGL 505 – Contemporary Literary Theory and Methods
  • ENGL 550 – Seminar in Poetry

The student must also complete 24 elective credit hours. Of these, at least 18 must be 500- or 600-level English Department courses. Recent elective courses have included Shakespeare, The Modern British Novel, Gay and Lesbian Young Adult Literature, and Seminar in Drama. For additional flexibility, credit is awarded for supervised independent study, research conducted with a faculty member, and independent research culminating in a Masters’s Thesis.

A student is allowed to take up to 2 courses outside of the TCNJ English MA program. These courses could be offerings from other graduate programs at TCNJ or classes offered at other university graduate programs (with permission granted by the TCNJ English graduate director).

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