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Study Abroad for Graduate Credit!

Study Abroad for Graduate Credit!

This summer, two of our favorite study abroad programs returnrevamped and sure to be an experience students will never forget!

In ENGL 670: Literary Landscapes in Harlaxton & Transylvania, students will fly to Bucharest, Transylvania and spend 8 days following Dracula’s literary trail: stay in his magnificent castle on the Borgo Pass, visit ancient monasteries and fortresses, eat vampire menus by candlelight and hear legendary tales around campfires!  Then students fly to London and go directly to Whitby, a quaint seaside fishing village where author Bram Stoker once lived, and see where Dracula entered England.  Next students go and live in Harlaxton– the British castle we call “home.”  There are many wonderful things to do there, including a High Tea, a formal Ball, and a trip to Charlotte Bronte’s home and misty moors (after reading Jane Eyre).  This 3-week study abroad class will culminate in Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon, where students will stay and see two plays, in addition to visiting the bard’s home and favorite haunts. See the website here.

In ENGL 670: Magic of Archival Research in Cornwall, students will conduct groundbreaking archival research at the world-renowned Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall, England. Working with primary manuscripts that have never been studied before, students will consider the many ways that these materials can be archived, analyzed, and understood in the broader cultural context of witchcraft today. While living in Tintagel, set on the rocky cliffs by the Cornish sea and right atop Merlin’s cave, students will read and explore the history and narratives of witchcraft across the ages, with particular focus on Arthurian legends which attempted to bring together the pagan and Christian worlds. See the website here.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to apply as the enrollment window is soon closing. You don’t want to miss out!

These programs are open to all applicants with instructor approval.

For more information, please contact Michele Tarter or the Center for Global Engagement.